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July 11, 2022

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JediVite® shares ten ways you can zero waste and help save the planet.

Hello JediVite® Warriors! As part of our commitment to lead a healthy lifestyle globally, we are heavily involved in making our environment a safer and healthier place for everyone to live. We want to share ten easy ways that you can help protect our planet from our daily life activities that contribute to waste and landfill.

1: Regularly Recycle

One of the easiest and most effective ways to help the environment and save our planet is to recycle more. Recycling means turning used materials into new products instead of throwing them away. Many common materials can be recycled, including glass, paper, metal, and plastic; this helps to save resources, energy, and landfill space while reducing pollution.

You can only recycle certain materials once or twice, like plastic, while you can continuously recycle more durable materials like metal and glass. To recycle more, you can start by sorting your trash into recyclables and non-recyclables. You can also look for products made from recycled materials or that you can reuse. By making small changes in your everyday habits, you can help to make a big difference in helping the environment and saving the planet.

2: Use a Reusable Bag When Grocery Shopping

Another great way to recycle is using reusable shopping bags. Reusable bags are more environmentally friendly than disposable plastic bags and can also save you money. Many stores offer discounts for customers who bring their reusable bags; other stores even charge a fee for using disposable plastic bags. 

Reusable bags are typically more durable than disposable plastic bags, so you will not need to replace them frequently. When you eventually need to dispose of a reusable bag,  you can recycle it, whereas a disposable plastic bag will end up in a landfill. So next time you go grocery shopping, remember to bring your reusable bag and help reduce your impact on the environment.

3: Use Cotton Towels Over Paper Towels

Paper towels are one of the largest sources of waste in the home, and people discard billions of pounds of paper towels annually, most of which end up in dumps. The average person uses about one hundred paper towels weekly, which significantly impacts the environment. 

Cotton is a natural, biodegradable material that won’t add to the growing problem of landfill waste. Cotton towels are a reusable alternative that can help to reduce this impact. Not only do cotton towels last longer than paper towels, but they can also be recycled or composted when they eventually reach the end of their lifespan. Switching to cotton towels is easy to reduce your environmental impact and make your home more sustainable.

4: Refuse plastic straws

People use and discard billions of plastic straws daily, which end up in landfills, where they take hundreds of years to decompose. A small step we can take to reduce the damage to our environment is to refuse plastic straws. Recycled plastic straws undergo a downcycling process and get transformed into lower-quality products. 

Reusable straws made of glass, stainless steel or bamboo are a great eco-friendly alternative, and you can continuously reuse them. If you must use disposable straws, please ensure that you recycle them. Remember, every time you say no to a plastic straw, you’re helping to protect our planet.

5: Bring A Container from Home to The Restaurant

If you want to simultaneously reduce your waste and save money, consider bringing your containers from home to the restaurant. Leftovers are a great way to get extra mileage out of your meal, and if you bring a container from home, the restaurant does not have to provide you with one; not only will this save you money, but you’ll also help reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills. 

You can easily transport reusable containers in a purse or backpack, providing a convenient way to take home any uneaten food. The next time you plan on eating out, remember to bring a container from home and do your part to reduce waste.

6: Compost Your Food Scraps

Recycling plastic, paper, and glass is common knowledge; however, did you know you can also compost your food scraps?

Food waste makes up a large percentage of the trash in landfills, releasing a potent greenhouse gas (known as methane) into the environment. Composting your food scraps is excellent for nurturing your garden; the nutrients in the compost will help your plants to grow healthy and strong. The next time you’re about to throw out your leftovers, think about composting them instead. Composting your food scraps is a simple way to reduce your carbon footprint and help slow climate change.

7: Buy Second-Hand Items

Shopping for second-hand items saves you money and helps reduce waste and protect the planet. Upcycling or recycling an item uses far less energy and resources than when you produce it from scratch. Second-hand shopping requires a bit of savvy to find good quality items. Still, you will find hidden gems if you invest time and effort. 

So next time you are in the market for something new, look around at some second-hand stores first; it will surprise you what you might find.

8: Purchase Items in Bulk

Buying items in bulk is another excellent way to reduce waste; When you purchase individual items, they often come in single-use packaging that is difficult to recycle. Buying in large quantities helps to reduce the amount of packaging waste, and it can save you money, as bulk buying often leads to a sizable discount.

So JediVite warriors, consider buying in bulk the next time you do your monthly shopping and help save our beautiful planet.

9: Make Homemade Cosmetics

Making your cosmetics from scratch at home is an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint compared to purchasing products from the store. Using eco-friendly ingredients and recycled containers can significantly mitigate waste and environmental damage. 

For example, mixing your foundation means you are not paying for high-end designer packaging. Another benefit to making your cosmetics is that you can customise your products to suit your needs better; if you have sensitive skin, you can choose gentle ingredients that won’t irritate or damage your skin.

While not as convenient as buying store-made products, making homemade cosmetics is an easy way to help save our planet and reduce waste.

10: Buy a Reusable Water Bottle

Did you know that over 60 million plastic water bottles end up in landfills each year, taking centuries to break down? The world is facing an environmental crisis, and people are becoming aware of the importance of reducing their reliance on single-use plastic water bottles. 

The best way to reduce waste and help the planet is to switch to reusable water bottles; this is better for the environment and a cost-effective option compared to buying and discarding new water bottles daily.

Reusable water bottles are portable, insulated and come in various materials, including glass, stainless steel, and fabric. Many reusable water bottles are also dishwasher safe, making them easy to clean. 
We want to lead by example, so we make our JediVite® bottles in the Netherlands using grey recycled polyethene terephthalate (rPET). Grey rPET bottles are 100% recyclable and use 79% less energy to make. These eco-friendly bottles also reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions by 71% compared to white virgin PET.

entire family recycling together

Well done for making it this far. We now understand that waste is a significant problem for our earth, but there are ten simple ways that we can help reduce waste and ultimately save our planet. 

An easy way to keep this top of mind is to apply the Three R’s: reduce, reuse and recycle. We can significantly reduce the amount of waste we produce by making small changes in our daily lives. Every little bit helps, and together we can make a real impact on the world around us.

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