Who We Are

JediVite® is a dynamic, innovative and forward-thinking Women owned business; their goal is to commit to saving our beautiful Earth and making a real difference in how we view vitamins and supplements.


The Founder of JediVite® grew up in South Africa, where she observed staggering levels of under-nutrition due to people not receiving enough nutrients and vitamins in their daily life. When she moved her family to Europe in 2019, she was shocked and disheartened to discover a similar trend occurring on the opposite end of the spectrum; people were experiencing severe over-nutrition and suffering with symptoms such as  weight gain, fatigue, anxiety, insomnia to name a few.

Seeing the negative impact and sheer reach of malnutrition worldwide caused something to resonate within The Founder of JediVite®, who knew in her heart that something needed to change. As a loving mother and ambitious entrepreneur; she decided it was time to bring about real change and sought to create a brand and a product that would unite people and help cleanse the planet of malnutrition.

JediVite® was born in 2021 with an objective: to bring a safe, highly effective, all-in-one multivitamin with good morals to the global health market with a mission to lead our people to a happier, healthier and more sustainable future.  Today JediVite® proudly introduces the new tasty JediVite® Super Multivitamin Gummy, the Worlds first Vegan, Halal, Sugar Free Multivitamin Gummy that includes all the trending, essential nutrients doctors are recommending that are safe and suitable for the whole family.

Our team of experts are passionate about the products we produce. We built the JediVite® company on values of integrity and excellence, and our products set the new gold standard for quality and effectiveness and will revolutionise the way people live.

We fully commit to providing you with the best possible customer experience. We want to make a real difference in your life while simultaneously mitigating malnutrition and saving the planet, little by little, one person at a time.

We care deeply about our environment; as a testament to this, we make our JediVite® bottles in the Netherlands using grey recycled polyethene terephthalate (rPET). Grey rPET bottles are 100% recyclable and use 79% less energy to make. These eco-friendly bottles also reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions by 71% compared to white virgin PET.

So if you are looking for an all-in-one, universal multivitamin, look no further than JediVite®.

Take action today by showing your love for our environment and helping save our beautiful planet by joining our exciting JediVite® Lemon Challenge.